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Allan's Page

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I am Allan. I have been working on the Unicorn Project for several years refining my attributes on the quest of finding unity in all the work that I do.

I do woodworking that attempts to examine the relationships between Man, Nature and, God. The type of design that I am doing requires precision and after several years of using a compass and straightedge, my designs now require precision measurements on a computer model to realize. This precision allows me to discover designs that I could not realize on paper and provides insight into the vast dimension of these relationships.

I am a musician and play many instruments from Cello, Violin, and Bass to Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, and Drums. My love for music has helped support and enrich the many stages of inner development and I feel fortunate to be able to express myself with music and learn from the many important musicians around me to continue refining those expressions.

I am originally from the Bay Area in California and grew up with the privilege of having both the mountains and the sea close by, spending time hiking and exploring these pristine environments. These early experiences have helped shape my love for the world and the work that I participate in to help preserve the natural beauty and pristine state of our natural world.