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Hamad's Page

Alone in the dawn,

The stars taught us how to pray,

"Blessed is the peace."



As an experienced globetrotter on August 28, 2009, Michael Siems set out to teach English in China. He was open to new adventure but unknowingly ill-prepared for the often shocking journey that lay ahead. "What Color Is the Sky? " is a humorous paen to the author's stumbling through the misunderstandings and events that occur when two strikingly dissimilar cultures meet. Not just 'lost in translation,' but lost in the pantomime that life becomes when there is no shared language in the midst of strikingly different worldviews. The book is a portrait of real life in China, where the sky is white and the moon and stars are rarely seen. Among the dizzying pace of development, the angst created by the modern world impacting a centuries old traditional culture, and the beauty of this ancient land, the work relates the love affair that he develops with his students, who graciously, lovingly, and humorously grant him a window to the Chinese heart and mind.