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The Unicorn Project is based on the idea of bringing human beings together through what we share in common rather than what divides us. Practically, we work at the intersections of art, science and religion to create shared meaning and unity through real-life research, projects, and collaborations. 


The intent for this Project is to be a place for leaders in these fields of true human expression to come together and share their work in a spirit of humility, sincere learning, and service to humanity. 



The State of the World 

The relevance of our work originates from an honest acknowledgment of the real problems and challenges facing the world today. Of particular importance is the current crisis of environmental destruction and global climate change. For the first time in history, the basic physical and environmental conditions for future human survival and development are in immediate danger as a result of pollution, resource over-consumption, and the collective habits and decisions of our global civilization. The impact of our actions today is felt by the billions of species facing extinction across the globe and will extend to determine the living conditions on this planet for centuries to come. 


While not a positive or negative judgement in itself, it is also possible to generally observe and point to a sense of degradation of social culture and the shared moral underpinnings that support our political systems. This can be seen clearly in the state of American politics and to a varying degree in countries across the world. It is a dangerous but also potentially transformative period that has many re-questioning the meaning behind their social and political lives, opinions, and values. 




A critical common thread running beneath all of these issues is the challenge of how to deal with the effects of the rise of a strong sense of personal individuality in human beings in the modern age. For most of history, spiritual initiatic traditions and religions directly guided or at least played a very strong role in human society and culture. Today, we observe many of these traditions around the world are in the process of dying out or becoming practically irrelevant in the proceedings of day to day life. 

The response, in many areas, has been polarization. On the one hand, some serious spiritual seekers and religious leaders are doubling down on closed belief systems with rigid boundaries. On the other, the rise of individualism has led to a dominant global culture of personal spiritual relativism— where one’s inner values are no longer defined by or interconnected to other human beings or a context outside of one’s self.


Our position is that it is important to at least be aware of this and to consciously seek to preserve, support, and develop spiritual traditions in a way that respects and works with the forces of reason and individuality that define our times.