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First Thoughts

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Welcome to the Unicorn Project website and blog!

We hope you will find this website a practical and interesting online gateway to the Project. We are aware there is a lot of room to grow, but with the second annual conference rapidly approaching, we thought it would be better to publish the site with the content we have now and continue adding to it over the coming months. This way, guests at the conference can view the website and offer feedback that can be incorporated into the content and design.

This blog will be a way to communicate these changes and updates as they happen: it will also be a place where members will be able to write and communicate on their work. Topics may range from discussion of global topics & current events to intimate reflections on individual work. Updates on projects and events will also be found here and also movie reviews if we have the time!

Art, science and religion are vast fields, as such we will do our best to present the material for each month in a way that has a certain continuity and a thread of underlying meaning. As our members expand, our aim is that this blog will also provide a space for readers to hear directly from diverse voices from different cultures and traditions. Generally, we will emphasize content that originates:

1) in the common areas between art, religion, and science

2) from people working in groups or teams within those areas

3) from individuals who have deepened their work in a particular field of science, art, or religion

We hope that you as a reader may gain new and useful perspectives on familiar subjects, learn about commonalities between different disciplines, and be inspired to deepen your own contribution to the world.

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